Our Man in South Africa

During the last 13 brutal apartheid years, the Dutch broadcaster IKON TV and its obstinate South African correspondent, Hennie Serfontein gave Dutch audiences rare insights into the perfidious inner workings of apartheid.

At times overstepping the line from journalism to activism it served to influence Dutch public opinion with moving portraits of Winne Mandela and others. This film directed by his daughter and broadcasted just before the TV station closed after 70 illustrious years looks at their sometimes difficult co-operation, under dire circumstances.

Length: 59'

Director & Producer: Anli Serfontein

Editor:                       Dietmar Kraus

Camera:                   Richard Atkinson, Sanele Makhubu, Jasper Korff

Co-Producer:           Marlow de Mardt, DO Productions, Cape Town

Broadcaster:            IKON TV, The Netherlands

Color-grading:         Chimney Group, Berlin

Sound Design & Mix:   Dietrich Körner

Equipment South Africa:  Big Fish

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